The nuclear physicist's revolutionary device can help regenerate your hair!

20 Sep 2020 20:17

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Prof. Dov Ingman investigates why we shed hair. He comes up with a ground-breaking technological solution: a device promoting hair regrowth by recovering hair follicles.

He then develops his first prototype, an efficient device for successfully regenerating hair growth. As he also suffers from androgenic alopecia, Prof. Ingman decides to serve as the first testing subject and experiments the device on his own scalp. After several months, to the amazement of his family and friends, new hair begins to grow on his head.

The surprising results raise interest with investors and lead to the birth of Pilogics LLP, a hi-tech company he founded together with leading scientists, R&D and management professionals.


In view of the prototype's success, Pilogics continues to develop the technology and tests it on hundreds more users, who report substantial increase in hair thickness and growth. Finally, an innovative clinically-proven hair regrowth commercial device is developed for home use: Hairegen Classic

Pilogic's vision is to improve people's life quality by reducing hair loss distress.

Hairegen Classic helps rehabilitate scalp and follicles and is based on health research in dermatology and trichology. It is designed to target areas that are starting to seriously thin and is the hair-loss treatment device that meets the EU CE Marking.

3 Actions - 1 Device

To help with your day-to-day hair problems, we put our scientific expertise at your disposal. Hairegen applies multiple forms of stimulation on the scalp, combining three treatment mechanisms in every use: Electrical, biochemical and mechanical actions.

- Mechanical action - a vibration element moves the spikes on the scalp surface, stimulating blood flow to the follicles and rehabilitates the natural support systems of hair regrowth.

- Biochemical action operates a set of metallic disks coated with zinc and copper. The user rolls the disks back and forth on the treated scalp, deposing small amounts of zinc and copper ions on the skin in contact points of the metallic spikes. These materials are known to suppress the DHT, a hormone responsible for shrinking hair follicles.

- Electrical action - a chargeable applicator applies small AC current (up to 100Hz) via the disks, causing electrical stimulation and promotes hair growth.

Hairegen - Most Effective Hair Loss Treatment

🗵 Not dependent on a therapist, person or clinic
🗵 No side- effects
🗵 No active chemicals
🗵 Non Invasive treatment

☑ Easy and comfortable to operate at home
☑ Fragile hair becomes thicker and stronger
☑ Locally focused care that works directly on the thinned, balding or shedding area
☑ 5-8 minutes a day, for 4 months – 30% Improvement in existing hair amount and thickness
☑ Encourages a fast hair regeneration
☑ The scalp slowly begins to fill up with healthy hair

Your HAIREGEN is one click away!

HAIREGEN. Smart. Simple. Safe.

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