Post Renovation Cleaning Services

29 Sep 2020 12:32

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After a renovation work is completed, there's a have to engage a professional house cleaning service company to complete a proper deep house to ensure the house or apartment is ready and livable. There will be a lot of detailed cleaning work for both internally or externally of a premise that must definitely be performed after renovation to remove dirt, dust and debris from surfaces.

Prior to the detailed post reno cleaning, the contractor normally has to complete a general clean after completing their project. This include disposal of renovation debris and a general sweeping and mopping of the floor and acid or chemical cleaning to remove cement stains.

However, this degree of house cleaning service is inadequate for house moving in purpose. The total amount of dirt like cement or paint stains have to be cleared up. After renovation cleaning requires more than simply general sweeping and mopping of the floor. House owners need professional cleaning services after renovation, to complete an intensive cleaning of the premises. An expert cleaning company like Eunike Living have vast experience and expertise to tackle the challenging task of delivering a spotlessly clean home after renovation. But with proper cleaning equipment, appropriate cleaning solutions and expertise, Eunike Living professional cleaners will deliver a well cleaned house or apartment that you could relocate immediately after the house cleaning service is done. cleaning company Singapore

Post Renovation Cleaning Report on Our After Renovation Cleaning Service

Cleaning of a condo after renovation work is completed is not for the faint hearted. It's demanding! Only professional house cleaning company that uses professional tools and specialized cleaning solutions can tackle the removal of tough stains and renovation dirt and dust. Eunike Managing many years of experience at our post renovation cleaning Singapore company will consistently deliver good quality work. That is evidenced by the fact that we have one of the most impressive post renovation cleaning price of home renovation cleaning services in Singapore. Our after renovation cleaning team includes trained experts who will make delivering a professionally cleaned home looks easy.

Some house owners may consider just engaging a part-time cleaner to help with the post reno cleaning. This is a mistake as a post-renovation cleaning isn't the same as regular house cleaning. You will find stains that need knowledge to know what cleaning solutions to use. Using the wrong chemicals may end up causing harm to surfaces which require further repair.

So, to prevent causing harm to newly renovated surfaces accidentally, it's better to interact a professional cleaning company like Eunike Living.

Post Renovation Cleaning Service Singapore

Post Renovation Cleaning Services Singapore is certainly one of our specialized home cleaning services that our professional cleaners perform regularly. Your apartment is supposed to appear like brand new and squeaky clean after renovation.

Post reno cleaning service have many different nuances. You are able to expect a lot of dust and dirt, paint splatter, silicon or glue stains that need detail attention and effort to remove them.

So even if your apartment went through even a small renovation project, it is better to call in the house cleaning experts for post renovation cleaning services.

With respect to the kind of after renovation cleaning service you seek, we are providing a lot of post renovation cleaning services:

Cleaning the doorway knobs, tops of doors, moldings

Complete disinfection of kitchens; Clean cooker top, vacuum kitchen, etc. Along with bathrooms, dust blinds, window ledges, furniture in bathrooms, etc.

Dusting and vacuuming of all surfaces and upholstery, from ceilings, walls to the floors

The rainbow vacuum cleaning system

Steam cleaning equipment (Ceptor)

Mild cleaning of floors, cabinets, baseboards, light fixtures, counters, appliances

All glass, stone, and metal surfaces lovingly cleaned

Dust removal from blinds, fans, ceiling pipes, vents, air ducts, light fixtures

Cabinet and desk cleaning (for offices)

Window cleaning, including sills, window glass, and frames

Once our intensive post renovation cleaning is completed, you'll manage to unpack in a thoroughly clean and fresh environment. Finally, our professional house cleaners will respect and take proper care of our clients'property and maintain a top standard of house cleaning service after renovation.

That's exactly why to-date, we are the most reliable and professional post renovation cleaning service in Singapore!

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