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30 Sep 2020 15:47

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When you buy your iphone, you want to make sure that you maintain it in tiptop condition; after all, you worked hard for it. Using screen protectors is one way that you can protect your device from scratches and fingerprints. But how about when you accidentally drop it or place heavy object(s) on it? Plastic screen protectors can only protect your phone from scratches, dust and fingerprints but it cannot do so when you drop it or place heavy objects on it.

Tempered Glass Protectors

Tempered glass protectors are the latest phone accessories that are popular because of the several positive aspects but primarily because they stop the screen from great when dropped. Tempered glass is actual glass that is five times stronger than regular ones due to the way these were formed.

Glass is heated at high temperatures and cooled down quickly thus making it stronger than the average glass. Due to the way it was manufactured, tempered glass shatters into small circle-like shapes rather than the sharp jagged edges that ordinary glass is known for. This makes it safer for users to grab their phone(s) and use it without worry. Another advantage with one of these glass types is that it is heat-resistant. Thanks to the way it was manufactured, it can stand heat activated stresses and damages.iPhone 12 best screen protector

Advantages and drawbacks

Like any other accessories, there are advantages and drawbacks of using glass protectors. Shock and heat resistance are just two benefits of using glass. Another advantage would be that it is also more scratch resistant than plastic ones. Last but not the least is the fact that since it consists of glass like the phone's screen, it is like one is actually looking at the original screen than through another medium. Scratches can accumulate over time with plastic ones thus making the screen appear blurry to the person. Dust can also slip in from the edges and if you are not able to lay the plastic on the screen bed well, it is most likely that it also has air bubbles in between the telephone and the protection.

One disadvantage of glass protectors is its thickness. The thickness is around 0. 3 mm to 0. 5 mm making it cumbersome for some users. Some users think that the protection bulges a bit more thus making it more of an aesthetic problem. Another would be the price that one has to pay. It is five times more expensive than plastic covers; however, the price is justified especially considering the protection that one would receive. The cost of replacing a damaged screen is also costly; that said, it is best to invest in one that will give you more benefit than buying a cheaper one but would probably cost you ten times more when you have to switch the damaged screen.

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