The advantages of an Aroma Therapy Massage

24 Nov 2020 20:17

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The working of an scent therapy massage is quite interesting and simple. The limbic system in the human body is the main system which aids the massage to be able to have its desired influence on the body. This is because the limbic system accounts for any emotions, feelings or sentiments that are experienced by us. The limbic system also has convincing powers on the way our nervous system works and produces the body's hormones.

Since the nostrils are also linked to our limbic system, when we take in the scent of the essential oils used in the therapeutic massage, the limbic system is notified by the brain and this has a unique influence on the body. Many systems are then simultaneously affected and aspects such as inhalation and exhalation, immunity, blood levels, adrenaline rushes, hormone production, relaxation centers are all properly affected and produce an air of stillness and calmness that enables the body to fall into a mode of deep relaxation.

However, different oils have different purposes when used in scent therapy. Whereas some oils are made to induce repose and relaxation, others at the same time will be used to stimulate energy and rejuvenation. Some of the oils that are used to create solace include geranium, vanilla, and lavender. Rosemary has been traditionally used to invoke energy and has effectively helped many masseurs in creating a general feel of happiness and an enlivening of the environment. Aceites esenciales

Other popular plants whoever oils are produced are sage, roses, pinus radiata, chamomile and there are others. These are all used to treat and forestall stressors from having a bad influence on the mind as well as the body. Some of the stress indicators where treatment is sought include pain in the back, disorders relating to the digestive system, migraine headaches, the inability to sleep known as sleeplessness, and any other illnesses that may be negatively impacting the mind so because of this the physical body as well.

It is highly advisable to avoid this therapy under certain conditions which might end up being harmful to the body. It is important to avoid this therapy if a person has underwent surgery, or has a transmittable skin ailment on contact. Rashes, sores, abrasions and lesions on the body are signs and safety measures to prevent a therapeutic massage. Expectant mothers also need to be careful if they wish to undergo a massage. Not only if he or she clear it with their doctors if its okay to have one, but they have to be sure their hypnotherapist doing the massage is skilled and well known in the field of doing massage therapy in expectant mothers.

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