Make Your Intranet Software Application User-Friendly

15 Sep 2021 09:38

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Intranets are typically secure in-house systems that house sensitive content that needs to stay private for internal users to access; some situations are competitive analysis or key financial documents. Additionally, secure intranets facilitate the management and dissemination of sensitive information pertaining to recruiting. Ideally, all this information needs to be accessible via a single specify make the effectiveness of your intranet software possible. However, there are some traditional disadvantages, or challenges, associated with Internet software that you should avoid, including:

Poor Usability — if an employee believes it is just safer to walk across the office to ask an associate at work for a particular hard copy of a document instead of looking it up on your intranet, something is wrong. Employees with previous negative experience using Intranet software may even believe that it is quicker to find something sent through e-mail instead than trying to wade through "complex search functions" presented in a complicated Intranet software system. Typically, intranet software applications that are not feature-laden with update document versioning can easily frustrate people who, although using the system, obtain out-dated information. The inability to find exactly what one wants — or needs — at the moment requested is what compels that walk across the office. small business intranet

System Is Unpleasant — in light of the growing use of social networking sites, the actual degree of user-friendly operation when it comes to many intranet software applications is far from acceptable. Intranet applications are not social networking sites, but they do possess common features. Both are places providing access to items people want and need to share. Unfortunately, many Intranet software applications still focus only on functionality, and user experience hasn't been factored into the design.

Second Choice — although an intranet software application may be the central clearinghouse for the tools used in a person's daily business, typically it is not the first choice for where an employee tries information and news. Even with advances in recent technology, more people trust looking at their latest e-mails, signing into Internet news sources or even just communicating with co-workers rather than checking the company Intranet. Lack of employee involvement in the Intranet causes many supervisors and administrators to continue making press releases and alerts through e-mail.

Could be Costly — the execution of an Intranet solution may be a deplete in terms both money, resources and time consumed. There'll be investment of time in the design of the software, purchase of the hardware as well as testing and training of all personnel deploying it. For organizations on small budgets, there ready-made and affordable Intranet software alternatives.

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